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Gaia: The website is online because of her passion and dedication. She patiently helped me post things, add content and codes. She did the most amazing job with the French version, and blows me away with every graphic revamp! I’m so glad I got to meet her, not just for her talent, but mainly because she’s a lovely, unique girl who deserves recognition and appreciation.

John Marsden: He’s the reason we’re here. Without him, the memorable book series we based the website on would have never existed, nor inspired our personal lives.

Nicky from Moore Interaction is another awesome person I’d like to thank. She’s worked for the Tomorrow DVD’s behind-the-scenes and did an excellent job with them. She’s also the administrator of the Tomorrow, When The War Began Official Facebook Page. I’d also like to extend my thanks to the full cast and the crew for bringing to life so well my favorite book series of all time.

Richard Simpson, for creating the best Tomorrow Series source, with excellent, detailed analysis of all the novels.

Nick from Tomorrow-movies deserves a sincere shout-out: I first found out that the film was being made through his website! It has been a such fantastic place to stay.

R.B., for creating detailed illustrations of The Tomorrow Series, through the help of maps!

Last but not least, Tomorrow_fans, a community created by Stacey. In-depth discussions, general excitement, fanfiction and all-around creative material of The Tomorrow Series. What more could you ask for?


Characters belong to John Marsden. This website was created for the only purpose of reuniting fans of the series. If you have any question feel free to contact me

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