Fortunes of War – Interview with Simon Ozolins

Simon Ozolins ACS is an award-winning cinematographer whose work ranges from drama to horror to sci-fi and has worked on features, television series and music videos. Earning himself multiple accolades and accredited for his work by the Society in 2013, this Sydney-based DOP is on an upward spiral to success. Ozolins first started out in […]

Back To School with John Marsden

Student Edge interviews John Marsden, author of the iconic Tomorrow Series and principal of Candlebark School in Victoria. He candidly shared stories from his difficult days at military school and explained how his love for reading (and some time away in a psychiatric ward) became his salvation. What were you like as a teenager? It […]

A Chat With Molly Daniels – Yahoo Entertainment

Yahoo! Entertainment caught up with Molly Daniels to ask some Tomorrow, When The War Began questions and discuss her future projects. Check out a short transcript of the interview and watch the full video under the cut! “I read all the books when I was about twelve, and when I got the part I did […]

A Chat With Molly Daniels – Girlfriend Magazine

Girlfriend Magazine caught up with Molly Daniels and she answered all the questions fans had. Check out some Tomorrow, When The War Began facts below and watch the full interview under the cut! Were you a fan of the John Marsden books before you landed the role? I totally was. I was a fan of […]

Attention Tomorrow, When The War Began fandom!

We need to make sure this great show gets as many seasons as it deserves! So to do that, we really need to start engaging with those involved with the show and each other! Every Saturday night a cast member will be answering questions on the TWTWB Twitter account. This week it’s Fantine Banulski (Robyn) […]

A Chat With Tomorrow, When The War Began’s Molly Daniels

In 2010, Tomorrow, When The War Began was made into a successful film starring Caitlin Stasey, but now the story has been adapted into a more fleshed-out six-part series on ABC3. In this version, the relationship drama is turned up, the “enemies” of Australia’s sovereignty are actually given speaking parts, and the parents of the […]

The art of making war

The adaptation of John Marsden’s best-selling young adult fiction novels explores how ordinary Australian families deal with the extraordinary challenges of life under occupation. Following their successful release of the feature film in 2010 (where it became the highest grossing Australian film of that year) Ambience Entertainment began developing the TV series in early 2013 […]

Tomorrow, When The War Began’s return to screen

Six years after the movie hit screens, a television adaption of John Marsden’s beloved Tomorrow, When The War Began is preparing to invade ABC3. Producer Michael Boughen walks us through the book, to film, to TV adaption and what fans can expect. Tomorrow, When The War Began was an interesting balancing act for filmmaker Michael […]

John Marsden and Fantine Banulski interviewed on News Breakfast!

Author John Marsden and actress Fantine Banulski stop by News Breakfast to discuss Tomorrow, When The War Began, which will make its television debut on ABC TV. Marsden appears to be satisfied with the TV series version: “It’s pretty rare for an author to be so enamoured of the work that it’s done by other […]