Tomorrow Series Italian Translation

The Tomorrow Series will be soon available in Italian as well! Tomorrow, When The War Began (Il domani che verrà) and the following books will be published by Fazi Editore. Eagle Pictures, the movie’s Italian distributor, worked on a co-marketing campaign with Fazi Editore, so expect to see the film in theaters soon! According to […]

Tomorrow Series Polish Translation

A new website entirely dedicated to the Tomorrow Series Polish translation is online! The first book Tomorrow, When The War Began (Jutro, Nie ma już żadnych zasad) and more of the novels will be translated into Polish. The site features the beautiful cover art of the first book and a preview of the second book, […]

Website and gallery updates

Over the last few weeks I’ve been adding more content to the website: Blu-Ray quality Screen Captures of the first film, Character’s Photoshoots from the DVD’s Menu, new Stills from the DVD’s special features and Set Photos! I’ll be adding more pictures soon so stay tuned for more awesome stuff! As for the Books section […]

New Stills!

New stills have been added to the gallery! Some of them were took by myself directly from the DVD so please make sure you credit the website if you take any. I’ve also uploaded a few scans from different magazines released back when the promotional campaign of the first film was at its peak in […]

The Dead Of The Night is being made!

The long wait has come to an end: The Dead Of The Night – the second Tomorrow Series book-to-movie adaptation – has finally been confirmed! Fans can now rejoice: Stuart Beattie and his cast will return for the sequel in NSW (Hunter Valley & Blue Mountains). Production is set to start in September! Source: Tomorrow […] online

Ladies and gentlemen ( … and Homer!) the website is now open to everyone! After working on it for such a long time, my friend Gaia and I present you the first European source for everything the Tomorrow Series and its upcoming movies! Feel free to explore the website – you’ll find Books synopses and […]