Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series | International Trailer, Behind The Scenes & Original Theme!

Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series’ debut is approaching and ABC3 has been blessing its fans with several behind the scenes videos, photos and the show’s original theme!

The song is called “Hold On” and features D’Arcy Madison – now available on Spotify.

The show’s international trailer (longer than the Australian version) has been uploaded to our Facebook Page, you can check it out here. [Removed due to copyright reasons] It includes several scenes with Ellie and her friends’ parents and more of Chris.

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Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series full episode guide released!

The highly anticipated television series Tomorrow, When The War Began is set to delight families and fans of the John Marsden novels, when it premieres next month on ABC3.

Media Room released today the series’ full press kit, a PDF document that includes: plot summaries, cast biographies (acclaimed actors such as Sibylla Budd, Deborah Mailman, James Stewart and Alison Bell) and production details.

The producers and various cast members are currently available for interviews. Contact this website‘s administrators if you wish to take up this opportunity.

We also added new set photos and stills to the gallery!


First look at Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series | Short ABC Promo

After the release of the first production still (High-resolution version here) ABC is pleased to announce the 2016 official line-up. Among the premieres, the debut of dramatic adventure series Tomorrow, When The War Began based on the era-defining novels by John Marsden.

The story is adapted for a new generation: “We’ve set in today’s environment and time,” said producer Michael Boughen, “The communications process has changed since John wrote the novels – the internet, phones, the way kids communicate with each other.”

Boughen hopes he’s making something that will appeal to parents as well as kids – what the networks refer to as a “co-viewing” proposition. “There’s 20 years of history there,” he added. “People who were reading them as teenagers can now hopefully revisit them with their own kids.”

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New book covers and DVD special features screencaps

The series is gaining popularity in Poland! The fourth novel, Darkness Be my Friend (Jutro 4), has been translated into Polish surprisingly fast and will be released soon. The beautiful cover art has been added to the gallery! Quercus Publishing is also releasing the second book, The Dead Of The Night, on January 5th 2012 in the UK. Here’s the very symbolic and eye-catching cover. What do you think?
In other news, screencaptures of the Tomorrow, When The War Began DVD’s special features have been added to the gallery. Check out the film’s category to see them!


Gallery update & John Marsden Interview

Over the last days I made some additions and fixes to the gallery! I’ll keep updating it and add content as soon as new stills, book covers or any Tomorrow Series picture pops up! The website is almost complete so keep checking back for fresh, awesome content! The video section is on its way!
I’ve added 15 photoshoot pictures of Tomorrow, When The War Began’s promotional campaign and more HQ stills, some of them are deleted scenes! In the meantime we’re hoping to hear news on The Dead Of The Night, filming was supposed to start last September but it looks like we’ll have to wait longer for that.
There’s also a new interview with John Marsden for the release of the third book in Poland (Jutro 3, W objęciach chłodu). Click on Read more to watch the interview!
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Deleted scenes and storyboards

Yesterday I received my long-awaited German Blu-Ray copy that I ordered exclusively to watch the deleted scenes and some outtakes of the first film. The Australian original Blu-Ray copy does not feature any of this specific content.
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Tomorrow Series Italian Translation

The Tomorrow Series will be soon available in Italian as well! Tomorrow, When The War Began (Il domani che verrà) and the following books will be published by Fazi Editore.
Eagle Pictures, the movie’s Italian distributor, worked on a co-marketing campaign with Fazi Editore, so expect to see the film in theaters soon! According to the official Facebook page the first book is coming out in September.
Take a look at the gorgeous cover art featured in our gallery!


Website and gallery updates

Over the last few weeks I’ve been adding more content to the website: Blu-Ray quality Screen Captures of the first film, Character’s Photoshoots from the DVD’s Menu, new Stills from the DVD’s special features and Set Photos! I’ll be adding more pictures soon so stay tuned for more awesome stuff!
As for the Books section I’ve added many quotes and extracts for each novel, the character’s bios are now complete, I hope you’ll enjoy reading them!
On the horizon for is the Video section and the Forum!


New Stills!

New stills have been added to the gallery! Some of them were took by myself directly from the DVD so please make sure you credit the website if you take any. I’ve also uploaded a few scans from different magazines released back when the promotional campaign of the first film was at its peak in Australia and New Zealand. I’ll keep adding photos to the gallery, whether it’ll be screencaps from the animatics, storyboards or promotional pictures.