Yahoo! Entertainment caught up with Molly Daniels to ask some Tomorrow, When The War Began questions and discuss her future projects. Check out a short transcript of the interview and watch the full video under the cut!

“I read all the books when I was about twelve, and when I got the part I did all the online recap of the books again. I totally loved them, but it’d been a long time. Once I got the part, I re-read them again.”

Do you think that lovers of the books will appreciate this new interpretation of the series?
I think the book fans will enjoy the series because it is very different to the books, but I think they’ve included some really great new elements and I think the heart of the books and the characters is the strongest thing that came from book to screen. When I read the script I was like “Yes, things are different. But the characters are, at their core, the same in the books.”

“I related to Ellie a lot especially the first time I read the books, and I still do. I think she’s got this leadership, controlling nature that comes out from the love for the people she’s around, her friends and family. That’s something I can really relate to.”

“I don’t know how none of the characters had more breakdowns straightaway. And they knew it was war also, so fast. I’m like “You guys are smarter than any of my friends and me!”

“Doing the explosions scenes was amazing, getting to run through these actual bombs going off while I’m carrying JP (Lee) with me – because his leg had a wound in the show – that was pretty extraordinary. I didn’t know how real that would be, I was sure they’d put all those explosions using special effects. But no, they were there!”

Molly is producing, directing, writing and acting a webseries called Double Date Night coming out in August.

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  1. Loved the new series ,a little different from the movie and the book ,looking forward to the next disc to come out ,I’m gathering it will follow on .
    It’s unfortunate there wasn’t much advertising about it ,I just saw it in the J.B catalog by chance

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