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Today, we’re announcing a new partnership with @Screen Australia that is designed to help Australian TV dramas develop deeper engagement with and between online audiences.

ABC3’s new drama Tomorrow, When The War Began (@TWTWB), based on John Marsden’s iconic books, is the first of four local TV dramas that will be produced as part of the partnership over the next 12 months.

The initiative will see support provided by @TwitterAU and @ScreenAustralia to the shows’ production teams to develop and produce an innovative campaign through the development of Twitter strategies and activations to build and engage audiences. The aim is to complement existing and traditional methods of marketing and publicity through low-cost, themed social media engagement on Twitter.

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Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series’ debut is approaching and ABC3 has been blessing its fans with several behind the scenes videos, photos and the show’s original theme!

The song is called “Hold On” and features D’Arcy Madison – now available on Spotify.

The show’s international trailer (longer than the Australian version) has been uploaded to our Facebook Page, you can check it out here. [Removed due to copyright reasons] It includes several scenes with Ellie and her friends’ parents and more of Chris.

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It was only 6 years ago that Tomorrow, When The War Began, based on the best-selling John Marsden novel, was dramatised as a feature film with Catlin Stasey, Lincoln Lewis and Phoebe Tonkin.

So it’s a curious choice to move so soon as an ABC3 series, but perhaps presumably 16 year olds were too young to have seen the feature which did good business in Australia, but not overseas.

Pleasingly, the ensemble cast of this 6 part series by Ambience Entertainment look less pin-up and more boy / girl next door. Notably, it also features actors of Indigenous and Asian heritage.

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Tomorrow, When The War Began is the kind of story that stays with you – and the makers of the TV series based on John Marsden’s bestselling books are hoping it will continue to stay with us for many years to come.

The tale of a group of teenagers who become reluctant rebels after Australia is invaded by a “coalition” of foreign forces, it has certainly stayed with Madeleine Clunies-Ross. “I read the first book when I was in Year 6, and I loved it,” says the 19-year-old uni student from Sydney who makes her screen debut as the loner Fi Maxwell in the new six-part series for ABC3.

It was edgy, a bit exciting, and it’s always stuck with me because it’s one of the few Australian kids’ franchises. And when you’re a bit older, you find different things that interest you in the story.”

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When Sibylla Budd arrived to the very first table reading for YA drama Tomorrow, When The War Began she was greeted by some familiar faces.

Her former The Secret Life of Us co-stars Deborah Mailman and Spencer McLaren were sitting in front of the studio waiting for her. It was the first time the trio had worked together since the iconic noughties drama wrapped in 2004.

It was so lovely, just like old times — nothing had changed,” Budd says.

Deb and I shared a dressing room together on Tomorrow, When The War Began and that was just like old times as well. We just nattered the whole time. I guess the conversation has changed now in the past 12 years — it’s more about motherhood now, back in the day it was about boys.”

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More than 20 years down the track Marsden’s story feels as relevant and compelling as ever. This new six-parter covers roughly the material of the first book in the Tomorrow series, and sticks pretty faithfully to it, with this opening episode spending quite a bit of time creating a vivid portrait of a group of teens teetering on the brink of the next phase of their lives. It’s a canny decision on the part of the writers and producers. It lulls us into a pleasant sense of security (exactly what’s being experienced by our would-be freedom fighters, in fact), and makes the outbreak of war all the more shocking when it arrives. It also allows us to get to know the eight friends and their relationships, saving a lot of awkward exposition once we do launch into the action.

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The film adaptation of Tomorrow, When The War Began was generally well received in Australia and executive producer Matthew Street (Killer Elite, Bran Nue Dae) says it played incredibly well overseas.

Sadly, he says a few international distributors didn’t put enough marketing behind it to make more people aware of the film. But knowing it had appeal was encouragement enough to create another reworking, this time for TV.

Street stepped into the same role he had on the film for the TV series. Early on it was decided that the six-episode TV adaptation, had to be a different iteration of the story.

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ABC3 caught up with author John Marsden behind the scenes of Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series.

The author discusses the process of bringing his books to life on the small screen: “It’s very strange watching actors playing these roles because often they don’t physically resemble the people I imagined, but they quickly take on the character in a way where the physical resemblance doesn’t matter so much. As long as they’ve got the voice and the personality then I can believe in them.”

The 6-part series premieres April 23 on ABC3.

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The highly anticipated television series Tomorrow, When The War Began is set to delight families and fans of the John Marsden novels, when it premieres next month on ABC3.

Media Room released today the series’ full press kit, a PDF document that includes: plot summaries, cast biographies (acclaimed actors such as Sibylla Budd, Deborah Mailman, James Stewart and Alison Bell) and production details.

The producers and various cast members are currently available for interviews. Contact this website‘s administrators if you wish to take up this opportunity.

We also added new set photos and stills to the gallery!

ABC3 released today a new trailer for Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series! The promo features the Australian/New Zealand premiere date: April 23, 7:30 pm.

In the meantime, new stills are being added to the gallery, so keep an eye on our website!

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