Tomorrow series #2: The Dead of the NightThe long wait has come to an end: The Dead Of The Nightthe second Tomorrow Series book-to-movie adaptation – has finally been confirmed! Fans can now rejoice: Stuart Beattie and his cast will return for the sequel in NSW (Hunter Valley & Blue Mountains). Production is set to start in September!
Source: Tomorrow series will film in NSW

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  1. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The first movie was excellent and I’m just so happy that the second one will be made! I can’t wait! They are all very talented, especially the actors and the fantastic director Stuart Beattie!
    Thanks for this awesome news!

  2. Omg! I can’t possiably wait until the 2nd film comes out, they did such a great job with the first one, that im sure they will do an exellent job with the 2nd one to!!!!!!! And im sooo glad there going to still stick with the same cast as-well and the same director! I think the whole cast and crew are absolutly fantastic, and the top of the class in my books =) (btw,lincoln lewis is gorgeous!!!)

  3. omg! i can’t believe it can’t wait for the second movie so excited i love all the books BRING ON THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT!

  4. Will the movie still be made? I just finished reading all books and watched the first movie. After the first movie I was sold to the TWTWB-series.

    I have read some disturbing news that the second movie was cancelled! :-S

  5. Hi Stephan! πŸ™‚
    All we know, for now, is that Kieran Darcy-Smith is currently working on the script, but we’re waiting for a official confirmation of the production dates. The good news is that they’re still committed to the series and the entire team is willing to create a franchise. The bad news is that it seems that it’s taking longer than they first thought, I personally don’t know why. It could be because of the founding or something else. I guess that the only thing we can do for now is to keep our fingers crossed and hope that we’ll get to see at least a trilogy of films, if they can’t do more. I think that the TV series idea is more likely now.

  6. Is the second movie still happening?? I’m infatuated with the books and can practically recite the movie word by word, im hopefully getting the 7th book tomorrow after finishing the 5th and 6th in 4 days, and my life my end as I know it if the second movie is cancelled!! PLEASE GIVE ME GOOD NEWS!!

  7. @Aquakat101: As I wrote above, for now all we know is that Kieran Darcy-Smith is working on the script. We’re still waiting for an official confirmation of the production dates. The crew is willing to create a franchise, but seeing the overseas’ box office results I guess they’re finding difficult to get the budget they need to film TDOTN! As soon as we know anything we’ll post the news and let you know πŸ˜‰

  8. Hi Alex! There are no news on The Dead of the Night movie, unfortunately. We’re still waiting for an official confirmation of the production dates. All we know so far is that Kieran Darcy-Smith is working on the script. Hopefully they’ll be able to make the film soon or else it might be too late.

  9. i think the tomorrow series are the BEST!!!!! and when is the 2nd movie coming out?????…………….

  10. i dont know exactualy know when it will come out

  11. i dont know exactualy know when it will come out but it will this

  12. just finished all the books in 2 weeks and just finished watching the movie for the 100th time, haha, is there any good news about The Dead of the Night coming out?

  13. Hi Shannon! πŸ™‚
    No good news, yet. Actually, there’s one: apparently Kieran Darcy-Smith is writing the script based on the second (The Dead of the Night) AND third book (The Third Day, the Frost). I think that they’re combining the novels for the sequel.
    Keep your eyes on the website and we’ll let you know more news as soon as we know anything! πŸ˜‰

  14. Hi, I like the site! Don’t think there is any more information is there? Just hope it doesn’t get shelved i saw the first film in the cinema here in Ireland and spent a few weeks waiting for all the books to be shipped over from Australia and it really is a great series.
    I was disappointed by the lack of hype it got over here though and with America releasing the remake of red dawn I hope it doesn’t get lost under the hype surrounding its more than likely crazy budget and advertising blitz.
    I like the idea of combining a few of the books together but they better get a move on, now is the time with most other teen series finishing up there’s a gap to complement the Hunger Games trilogy
    Here’s to some good news soon!

  15. Hi Rachael, welcome to the website! πŸ˜‰ Glad that you like it πŸ™‚
    As soon as we hear any news from the production team we’ll update the site with a new post. Right now, things seem to go a little slow. Kieran Darcy-Smith is working on the script based on the second and third book.
    I too was very disappointed by the lack of hype and excitement overseas. We need to specify, though, that it barely got any kind of advertisement. I am not surprised to see the film performing that bad at the box office. I think that both the series and the movie deserved more attention.
    I am not too sure that it will be released in America any soon, if not at all. Not only because of Red Dawn, but mostly because, in a couple of states, the DVD has been already released.
    Let’s hope for more good news soon! πŸ™‚

  16. I have read all the books, seen the movie and now want the second one to come out!!!! Loved all the books, have read them all 3 times and i really want dead of the night to come out as a movie, ASAP. I am a definate John Marsden fan, so hoping the second movie will be as good as the first!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  17. Hello and congratulations! A great movie from australia and now, we are waiting for more (2, 3, 4….)
    Best regards from germany

  18. I read the series about 10 times and always said they should make a movie out of it…Finally they do but of course things stop at the first series why can’t they get funding for it to busy making other stupid shows come on push it harder i am a big fan support something worthwhile we want to see number two…….

  19. According to videos, web pages and personal gossip, tomorrow dead of the night shall be released within the dates of 2 november -10 novmber (not entirely sure)…. Really excited and hoping to see the midnight screening (hoping its before i go away to cambodia on the 18th)
    Read the whole book series and am obsessed, with my friends as well. We make videos and documetaries (63 total so far) and go camping heaps, always thinking this event is going to happen!!!

  20. OMGosh!!! Ever since i saw the movie i’ve been saying GOSH heaps intstead of God.. πŸ˜€ Soo happy about that.. haha Fi is awesome! Love the books and the movie! Hope the 2nd movie comes out soon!! From Hayley In New Zealand.. Can someone let me know when it will be coming out? thanks..

  21. I really didnt like lee in the movie. He sounded so dreamy and amazing in the book but no offence i was disapointed with the actor. I recon this series is legendary and all though the movie is great, they should really put more effort into the making. The first movie was only a 4/10 for me, compared to the book it was stuffed up

  22. I love the books i didn’t know bout the Ellie chronicles going to read them next i really want the 2nd movie to be made and come out already I’m dying to see it!!!

  23. Just saw the movie for the first time. Was a little reluctant to see it as I absolutely love the book but it was great and now i really want the next one to come out. Loved the line in the movie about the book is always better than the movie. It’s true but movies also give it something that you just don’t get in the book. I’m sold. Now time to bring out the next movie!

  24. OMG I love tomorrow when the war began I can’t wait for tomorrow dead of the night comes out. They did so good on the first one can’t wait.

  25. When is Tomorrow When the War Began sequel being released? Is there any news as to whether the movie will be made or not? I’m obsessed with the series of books and I don’t think I can wait much longer…

  26. Any news about the sequel? Since I saw the first movie in 2010 I’m ALWAYS looking for news, but it seems that there is no sure about nothing !

  27. @Reese, Adam & Barbara:
    No promising news, I’m afraid. The last we heard from the production team was that the script has been completed, but no info on filming dates or anything else. Also, Caitlin Stasey (who plays Ellie) said on her official Twitter that she doesn’t believe they’ll make a sequel or at least, not with the same cast. Disappointing.

  28. I have always loved the books. Can’t wait for the next movie! It would be great if they could get the same cast back again but I wish they’d get a move on. Isn’t momentum the key when it comes to generating revenue? HuUrry up people! Your going to loose some of your audience!
    Champing at the bit.

  29. Hi i would like to know when tomorrow: the dead of the night is getting realesed in australia

  30. Thanks Nadia for the update. It was quite disappointing to find that out. I’ll never understand how movies like Red Dawn make box office sales in America, and movies like Tomorrow When the War Began struggle to even make an impact. It seems like the things in life that really deserve recognition never gets it. Ah well, life’s a b**ch. But we all knew that, right? I’m still keeping the faith though, because TWTWB is one of the greatest movies ever made, with some of the best up-and-coming actors on screen today. I reckon they should just drop the sequel idea, and jump straight into a TV series. That would be so rad. Anyway, here’s to wishful thinking.

  31. I think it is absolutely crap if they don’t make number 2
    I have been waiting since they first one came out and I’m
    Sure I’m not the only one who has been waiting that long
    so please let us all know when it comming out and the
    release date and all that since I have had some rather distressing news that the second movie is not happening and has been put on hold in definatly. PLEASE let everyone know if this is true

  32. hey guys cant wait till the dead of the night comes out. I have read the book and its so amazing. Im whatching tomorrow when the began rite now. Anyways its gonna be so amazing.

  33. OMG yay!!!!! I have been waiting since the end of the first movie for The Dead Of The Night!
    cant wait till they start filming!

  34. I really need to know when this is coming out. Please can someone confirm with me the release date. I am dying to see the second one, it has to be made!! If anyone has any news on what is happening please let me no

  35. I saw the first movie which inspired me to read the series. I’m in the process of ordering the 6th and 7th book after finishing the rest and really hope they make a second movie! Please keep your fans/audience posted! P.S. Ellie is hot! Sorry Lee! Lol

  36. The Tomorrow series is now one of the biggest aspects of my life. i have only started reading it a little while ago but i amiddeantly fell in love.

  37. I was just wondering when the movie dead of night because I want to see it because they sort of just dropped off the last one without and I have NOOOOOO way of reading the second book so can you tell me when the second movie is on its way…………

  38. I would love to be part of the new movie…Maybe as A Retired U.S.M.C Force Recon Gunnery Sergeant living in Australia,taking-up arms and leading raids !

  39. The book series should have been made into a series such as Walking dead or Game of Thrones and JM.s series of novels is as good or better in my mind,
    The plot and premise is much more plausible than the others mentioned and could happen now or in the future

  40. I loved the first one I would really like to see another one come out you said it would be done in 2012 its now 2014 and I cant find it anywhere did yous make it or was it cancelled?

  41. I really hope this movie comes out I bearly saw it and it was still very awesome I told all my friends about it if the second one doesn’t come out I will be devistaded

  42. Hi! I am one of the Tomorrow series’s fan. When I first heard about TWTWB, I was interested and then one time in the school, I saw the first book, first I had a different view about it but when I read further and about the characters, I was willing to read more and getting more interested. After finishing it, I made the decision that I am doing to read all of the series now. I am up to the third one now, I just love the character Ellie, she is 90% like me in personality. Love the writing and narrating of the book. John Marsden is a genius!

  43. It’s over. There will be no sequel. They should just make a T.V series for Australian viewers because obviously this amazing franchise won’t be as massive as stupid Twilight or The Hunger Games. This soooks!!!

  44. No way it’s never gona be a sequel?what a shame for these awesome books and this awesome movie. I’m in love with all of it. And even here in luxembourg i would watch the tv series if they would make one.

  45. omg i am totes devo that there will be no second movie. i am soooooo sick of crying myself to sleep at nights. i just want to see lincon lewis as the hot teenager (kevin) KEVIN COME BACK BABY!!! i hope he comes back without corrie just so i can have his hot as bod. but ahh yeah loves the series guys!
    much love babes xoxoxo

  46. This is absolutely stupid. Tomorrow when the war began was one of the best australian films, let alone books worldwide! Tomorrow When The War Began 2 should be getting to work again. The script has been wrote but nothing else has been done, I know Stuart Beattie dropped out of directing it but it can’t be that hard to find another director, as I said, the script has been wrote! If you wait any longer in a few years the original cast will be too old for the roles, yes they’re a bit old now but only in their early twenties.

    Please do this, I am obsessed with the series, it would be such a success, even if you make a TV series! Although, a movie would probably be easier for you all. Please, do the movie, it will be such a success! And if it’s the money, I’m sure the fans will donate.. Do it before everyone gets over the movie and doesn’t care anymore!

  47. I think that’s really stupid! what could we do for a sequel?? Should we ask the author? we all want a sequel! a movie. they have earned enough money with the First Movie. Why they don’t make a sequel?? We should, NO! We must do something!! We can make it! If we work together!!
    We should start a petition.

  48. I love the tomorrow when the war began movie as well as the book series and I was really looking forward to being able to watch the movies that accomined the books. I know of many people that love the movie and I think it sucks if they don’t make another one.

  49. So is the sequel still happening? It’s been 4yrs since the first was on the screens after all. It would be great to see the series continued.

  50. I so want to see a sequel. The first was just brilliant! Why won’t the Govt fund this and show Australian bush and towns to the world’s young audience?

  51. Please let there be sequel!!! I read the book when I was young and I waited years for it to be a movie!!! Please it is an amazing movie

  52. Just watched the first movie, thought it was better than the red dawn remake. Never heard of the books or the movie till a month ago. Maybe you fans down in Australia can do a kickstarter or go fund me campaign to get the movies made.

  53. This is the first time that I have thought about the possible sequel since 2010 because I just forgot about it. I just finished watching the movie again and it reminded me to look it up. It’s sad that there isn’t anything being made. It’s been four years so I guess it’s not happening. I’ll always hold out some hope for that one awesome movie-maker who believes in the Australian film industry enough to not give a s**t about how well our movies do overseas. It did great here but because America didn’t like it, it was canned? That’s bulls**t. Come on Australian fans, we can do better than to let this go. Where’s the petitions? Sign me up!

  54. TWTWB is a series I read to numerous classes when I was a teacher. Still toda,y after a decade, I meet these students and we speak about the series and the frustration at being denied a series of films as good as the first. We love Ellie and really want John Marsden creation back on the silver screen…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  55. oooooh noooo this movie has to have a second part please
    i love the movie please let the second movie became Real

  56. Wow, I am so sad after finishing all the books I also read the Ellie chronicals I do advise them can’t believe no sequel but I will watch the movie until I die.
    I just got 4 new johns radek books if it is anything like this series I will read them so fast.
    Sometimes I feel like I’m Ellie when I walk around at home.
    Please write more of the chronicals even if they are bad quality x

  57. i am so happy there is no words to describe it the same cast and all. they finally did it i am up to the 3 book and i love it. i will get the movie as soon as it comes out. they must make them all movies.

  58. apparently they will make a tv series out of the second book The dead of the night, so I cant wait!! This is gonna be amazing if they actually do it this time.

  59. please make a next one its now 2015. you cant leave the movie on a cliff hanger like that. im sure if you make a next one it will make more money beacuse people will want to see the first one too.

    doooooooo another one please

  60. Come on guys we have been waiting 5 years now and nothing no word since 2012. We all loved the first but its ruined by the open ending with nothing to back it up. I would love to see the sequel made. If actors are the reason nothing was made try searching the streets, there are so many young actors trying to find there way in Australia but because the lack of Aussie films there is no opportunity, give them a career in one of the best Aussie films sequel and bring it to the screens. If its funding maybe look into investors from other producers such as HBO or Lions Gate, I’m sure they would be willing to help out. This film has so much potential!! Bring it to the screens!!! Even if its one more episode just to show you tried.

  61. @John: A TV series based on the books is currently in production. It’s not a movie sequel, but it will still feature all of their adventures on the small screen πŸ™‚

  62. It will air on ABC3, prime time. This is the only information available so far, but we’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚

  63. we are waiting to a sequel!! please try to bring the first (as an directord cut) into the european cinema…..perhaps to a filmfestival in germany?
    if you would do that….you would earn enough money to produce the sequel ^^

  64. @Baer: The same creative team is currently producing a TV series based on the books! πŸ™‚

  65. I have read that there is no movie sequel because the first one has gained not as much as simulate . please if there is someone who can provide by the Tomorrow series PDF , that’s because i couldn’t find this book in my country

  66. release dates need to be posted its doing my head in not know when the dead of the night movie is coming out

  67. Hi its been awhile since anything has been told about the dead of night movie. I can’t find anything about it, other than they don’t know. Was it cancelled did they make it? I’d love to know. The first movie was so good!

  68. I have read the full set of books , so glad the series will continue!
    I bought the books for my teeanage grandchildren but thoroughly enjoyed them myself!

  69. Did the second one come out? What is it called?. Only watched this for the first time last night and loved it.

  70. I wish that they would have got more marketing, so that they could make the movie cause the first one was great, but i dont think the tv series is good. The cast on the first movie was amazing, and they way they put it all together made perfect sense to me. personally i believe that the first movie was the best, and i wish that they could have made it.

  71. Did the part 2 movie ever come out? I just watched tomorrow when the war began,, its a good movie!

    1. Regarding the age of this news… Let’s stop hurting ourselves on asking πŸ™ More likely “never”.

  72. When will we get the next movie???
    The first was so good! The series just doesn’t match up which was dissapointing. The movie was well made and just like the books, leaves you wanting more.
    Australia is ready for in the dead of night movie!!

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