ABC3 wishes us happy new year with a beautiful sneak peek at Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series, based on the era-defining novels by John Marsden.

The series is scheduled to debut in April: “[Tomorrow] is an ambitious series that will set a new benchmark for Australian family drama—this does take significant investment, and we have amazing support from Screen Australia and Film Victoria,” said Deirdre Brennan, head of children’s television at ABC TV. “As a public broadcaster, miniseries definitely work as part of an event strategy.”


Enjoy the first Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series trailer!

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  1. Can not wait! Brilliant story brilliant author. So should be something every child should (and adults!) Amazed we when were nomading around Aussie how many adults were reading the books. So.popular

  2. Love this. I wished they had continued with the movies but a series could possibly hold more detail, be more true to content. So excited.

  3. I really wish they had kept the actors from the movie, (especially Ellie, Homer, Fi and Kevin) cause they were spot on in my opinion. But anyways, I’m really psyched for show. It’s about time these books gets the attention they deserve!

  4. Can’t wait to see the series so excited 🙂 Read all the books about 2 years ago .. Very additictive. Felt like I was in the book.

  5. Brilliant movie should be more of these. Loved it great Aussie film worth watching.

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