Tomorrow, When The War Began TV series adaptation will air on ABC3

TV Tonight revealed new production info on the future Tomorrow, When The War Began TV series adaptation. The six-part drama airing on ABC3 will be produced by Michael Boughen (pictured) and executive produced by Matthew Street and Christopher Mapp, who previously worked on Tomorrow, When The War Began‘s theatrical adaptation. The writing staff will feature Blake Ayshford (Devil’s Playground, An Accidental Soldier, The Straits), Alice Addison (The Hunter, The Silence, RAN: Remote Area Nurse), Justin Monjo (Serangoon Road, The Turning, The Alice) and Josh Mapleston (Maximum Choppage, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, McLeod’s Daughters).

Michael Boughen, producer for Ambience, says: “The series is designed to resonate with teenagers and families and to be a highly engaging drama, driven by real characters facing realistic challenges.”

Deirdre Brennan, ABC’s head of children’s TV, adds: “We are proud to be working with Ambience Entertainment to bring John Marsden’s powerful story to life within a new television format. Tomorrow, When The War Began has connected to so many Australians since the book was first published in 1993. More than three million copies later, these are characters we know and love—the dilemmas they face are compelling and have never been more relevant.

Full production details:
Ambience Entertainment Pty Ltd
Producers: Michael Boughen, Tony Winley
Executive Producers: Matthew Street, Kim Vecera, Christopher Mapp
Director: Brendan Maher
Writers: Blake Ayshford, Alice Addison, Justin Monjo, Josh Mapleston
Broadcaster: ABC3
Australian Distributor: ABC Commercial
International Sales: Annapurna Pictures

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow, When The War Began TV series adaptation will air on ABC3

  1. I live in Florida, so i hope i will be able to get this channel. I’ve read all the book’s and loved them. The movie was awesome. Im very excited for the series to begin.

  2. Have been off doing other stuff, completely missed this announcement. I don’t even have FTP software installed on my computer at the moment to update the site.

  3. OMG OMG OMG read all the books the week i borrowed them. been begging my mum to buy them for me. reading the last of the ellie chronicles now. OMG OMG OMG. Are they serious, the TV show, on my fav channel, my fav books and channel together. But *sigh* 2016, that’s just cruel to let out news like this and make us wait

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