Keith Purcell is an Australian up and coming actor represented by Derrick Talent Elite. He won of a full year Acting scholarship at Stella Adler, Hollywood in 2014.

Keith has had roles in several Australian film & TV productions, such as popular comedy Mad as Hell, feature film What Time Is My Heart?, appeared in a Coles commercial and is best known as Bryce Bukowski in Neighbours.

When Keith secured the role of Chris in Tomorrow, When The War Began‘s TV series adaptation, he said: “Everything over the past few years with the trip to Stella Adler in LA and continuing all my studying with acting classes has prepared myself for this opportunity and now it’s all starting to feel real.”

He adds, “I was shocked when I got the call. […] The first couple of days when doing the table read and checks, it kinda made me realise that this is all real and that’s what has gotten me really excited. It’s such an honour to work with such a high level of talented actors and an amazing director. […] The script is pretty epic and there’s some really exciting things happening throughout the series.”

Check out Keith’s acting reel on StarNow.