Madeleine Madden in an Australian actress and activist represented by Sue Barnett & Associates Management.

She has starred in several shorts such as Back Seat (2007), The Farm (2009), Ralph (2009), Moth (2010), The Hoarders (2011) and Frontier (2015) – TV productions including My Place (2009), Redfern Now (2012), Jack Irish III: Dead Point (2013), The Code (2013), The Moodys (2013) and the role of Williemai in feature film Around The Block (2012).

Madeleine’s aspiration is to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians through the performing arts: “I like to influence younger people to get involved with the arts,” she said. “It’s great for expressing your views on the world and who you are as a person.”

She was thirteen when she openly expressed her wish to continue a family tradition of advocating for greater opportunities for Indigenous Australians and starred in a video seen by an estimated six million Australians.

I’ve seen the difference this has made in my own family because my grandfather worked his whole life to give his kids what he never had,” Madeleine added. “If a huge effort is made the gap between my people and other Australians can be closed in one generation – that’s in the next 20 years.”

Madeleine is currently starring as the main character in Ready For This, a new ABC3 drama following the life of five Indigenous kids venturing a long way from home to the city to pursue their dreams, and will play Corrie in Tomorrow, When The War Began‘s TV series adaptation airing on the same network: “I’m so impressed they gave me this role…I am an Aboriginal girl, nothing like the character and it’s a brave thing for them to do and I’m really excited. It’s going to be awesome.”