The countdown has ended – Australia is ready for the debut of Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series. Produced by Michael Boughen and Tony Winley, the show is a unique add to the ABC3 usual schedule – not just for its themes, but for the heavy involvement fans, through Twitter, can have on it.

Molly Daniels (Ellie) will be taking over the @TWTWB Twitter account as the show airs on ABC3 (7:30 – 8:15 pm) and John Marsden will be doing a special Q+A session on Twitter straight after (8:15 – 8:45 pm).

But the biggest news of all is the chance of pre-ordering the entire series right now on iTunes! Order now and unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes action!

In the meantime, enjoy an interview with two of the cast members: Veronica & Lewis Podcast – Madeleine Madden & Andrew Creer.

Short transcript:

John Marsden’s series is such a profound piece of literature in Australia and it’s just a massive part of your childhood. When we were all in the rehearsal space before we started shooting, we read the books and exchanged notes. There are a couple of very enthusiastic cast members.” – Madeleine Madden

We got to do a lot of gun training, which was obviously a lot of fun. I remember the first time the guns came out and everyone’s faces lit up. It’s even more fun to be shot at! You think shooting a gun would be the funniest thing you can do, but actually being shot at is quite fun as well.” – Andrew Creer

[John Marsden] came in one of the days and had a look at how everything was going, especially at the characters. He has created such an amazing world for us to interpret. For him to come in, and witnessing what we’d done and what we’ve been creating, and for him saying he loved what we have been doing was very heart-warming. As an actor, you work to create a world that has already been given to you, and to hear the writer say ‘You’ve been creating the world right’ is awesome, you can’t ask for anything else.” – Andrew Creer

Deborah is such an amazing performer. There’s a scene in one of the later episodes, quite intense, and everyone on the set, when Debrah just let loose, was ‘Woah. She’s that good.'” – Madeleine Madden

Victoria was beautiful. You go to these amazing ranges, it was a nice opportunity to see the countryside.” – Madeleine Madden

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  1. Is there a possibility to get the series in Germany? I couldn’t load it on iTunes(and couldn’t change the country there), and the DVD import is very expensive(50€+ on

    1. Hi Christian, unfortunately there is no chance of getting the series (officially) in Germany. As Europeans, the only way for us to own the DVDs is to pay expensive shipping costs (this is what I did personally). We will still keep the website updated in case there is any news concerning Germany 🙂

  2. hey there!when will it be official if there will be a second season or not?btw, would the DVDs even play in Germany, since they have the Australian code?

    1. Hi Stefanie!

      Unfortunately there are very slim chances for a renewal by this point. ABC has announced its programming, and Tomorrow, When The War Began doesn’t feature. If you buy the Blu-Ray, it will play in Germany because, luckily, Europe shares the same region code as Australia, but the DVD copy won’t work unless you’d be ok with it working on your PC and not on TV.

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