Elle a fait ses choix et en a payé le prix.

Nom : Corrie Mackenzie
Age : 17 ans
Livres : Apocalypse x2,
Origine : Australienne

Corrie est la plus normale des ados australiennes, vivant dans une ferme en dehors de Wirrawee. C’est la meilleure amie d’Ellie et aussi son pilier de force. Elles ont passé leur enfance ensemble et sont souvent parties camper près de la rivière toutes les deux. On ne sait pas grand chose de plus d’elle alors qu’elle est tragiquement arrachée au groupe quand un soldat l’abat d’une balle dans le dos. Sa mort affecte Ellie au point que cette dernière écrit des pages entières de mémoires et souvenirs dans “Aller Simple Vers l’Enfer“, considéré par la plupart des fans comme du moment le plus profond et le plus émouvant de la série.

Corrie est déterminée, brave, gentille et aimante. Contrairement à Ellie, elle est plus encline au pardon (“Corrie était plus clémente que moi. Plus tolérante.”). Sa relation avec Kevin a eu un impact majeur sur sa vie alors qu’elle gagnait en confiance en elle. (“Je pouvais voir combien elle prenait confiance en elle plus elle le fréquentait et j’appréciais ça.”)

Quand Homer a demandé ce qu’ils devaient faire, elle choisit : de se battre pour ses amis, sa familles, son pays. Elle était effrayée mais elle a toujours continué d’avancer et n’a jamais laissé sa peur l’arrêter. Et elle en a payé le prix.

Corrie’s determination…

“I smiled. A lot of people underestimated Corrie. She just quietly worked away on people till she got what she wanted.” (Tomorrow, When the War Began, Chapter 5.)

Corrie and Ellie…

“Corrie and I were probably the most ener­getic. We took a few walks, back to the bridge, or to different cliffs, so we could have long private conversa­tions. We talked about boys and friends and school and parents, all the usual stuff. We decided that when we left school we’d earn some money for six months and then go overseas together. We got really excited about it.” (Tomorrow, When the War Began, Chapter 5.)

Corrie’s kindness…

“Corrie had this idea that she’d have a look at everything, come home, do nursing, then go back and work in the country that needed nurses most. I admired her for that. I was more interested in making money.” (Tomorrow, When the War Began, Chapter 5.)

Corrie’s cleverness…

‘We don’t have all that much time. The main thing’s to be careful. If we can’t see anything then we just go back to Robyn’s. If there’s anyone there the dumbest thing we could do would be to have them see us and come after us.’ (Tomorrow, When the War Began, Chapter 7.)

Corrie’s innocence…

“‘Ellie, I just can’t believe this is happening. Invasions only happen in other countries, and on TV. Even if we survive this I know I’ll never feel safe again.’” (Tomorrow, When the War Began, Chapter 9.)

Corrie’s tragic death…

“There she was; her soft skin, her plump face, her closed eyes. My own mouth was slightly open, in wonder, because she looked so different to the Corrie of my past friendship, and the Corrie of my fearful imaginings. She did not look gaunt and battered and bruised, but neither did she look happy and lively and talkative. She looked like a wax doll, a fully formed impression of Corrie. I could see her lips move slightly with each breath in and breath out but there was no other movement. She was alive, yet somehow not with us any more.” (The Dead of the Night, Chapter 3.)

“Her face looked so calm, but I felt that there was a terrible war being waged inside her body, a fight to the death.” (Tomorrow, When the War Began, Chapter 22.)

In memory of Corrie…

“And now my best mate was under the earth, under six feet of cold heavy soil, separated from me by six feet and by eternity. How could it be possible? All those futures we discussed, all those plans to share a flat and go to uni, to travel the world together, to get jobs as pilots or jillaroos or teachers or doctors or governesses: in none of those plans did we ever consider for a moment that it might end like this. Death wasn’t on our agenda. We never mentioned the word. We thought we were indestructible. And what would happen to me now? Our plans had always been for two, but Corrie had left me and I was on my own. I felt like a Siamese twin who’d been amputated from her other half. Sure I had Fi, and sure I loved her dearly, but I hadn’t grown up with her the way I had with Corrie.” (Darkness be my friend, Chapter 16.)